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“When I get older, I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom, just like a waving flag!” - K’naan

A powerful personality is free – free from inhibitions, judgments, biases and consciousness!

Spartacus, a revolutionary slave leader, once said – “There is no
greater victory than to fall from this world a free man”! This adage
resonates with the personality of some of the very powerful leaders who have left their footprints on the sands of time.

These leaders were unafraid and willing to achieve their dreams! You will learn how to emerge victorious by overpowering all your fears!

We help you reach a position when you realize for yourself: What you want to become, what’s stopping you from achieving your goal, and how will you reach the goal!

Get coached by India’s finest Presenters and Public Speakers based out of Gurgaon and master the art under the mentorship of the Gurus of Behavioral training. 


7 Cs of Business Communication

Manish Pandey is the creator of the “Powerful Personality Program” and heads Personality training at ELAN. In this video, he talks about the importance of business communication and elaborates upon the rules of 7 Cs of Business Communication. This will help you to become a fine writer and speaker.

Good & Bad Examples of Business Communication

Manish Pandey is the creator of the “Powerful Personality Program” and heads Personality training at ELAN. In this video, he talks about the importance of business communication and elaborates upon the examples of 7 Cs of Business Communication. This will help you to become a fine writer and speaker.

Why should you join?

You should join our Personality Development Class in Gurgaon, if you are:

​Afraid of speaking in public.

Conscious when you put across your opinion in a crowded room.

Stammer when confused.

Fumble when short of words.

Feel lost in an interview.

Feel like a victim when questioned.​

Instructionally Sound and Beautifully Crafted courses

English Speaking Course

ELAN’s English classes in Gurgaon welcomes you to join our English Speaking courses. Our Spoken English course is a step-by-step course that shows struggling Intermediate English learners how to speak more easily and clearly. We are one of the most sought after English Speaking Institute in Gurgaon and offer a range of customized courses for Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced learners of English Language. We have the right course for students, professionals, Homemakers and we ensure that you speak fluent English with a neutral accent.

Business English

In this fact-paced and ever-growing competitive Business world, it is imperative that you do not fumble when it’s time to present and communicate with your boss and colleagues. Your hard-work, diligence and intelligence are all put to rest, when you do not present well and communicate to the point. What’s stopping your growth is your tendency to draw on opinions, and judgments about your own-self. Join ELAN’s Business English Course and master the art of communicating fluently in-front of your team.

Corporate Training

Training Need Analysis of the biggest MNCs in the world reveal that communication is the number one reason for the low productivity and growth of the wholesome relationships with customers/clients and to develop a successful business, every employee of the organization must powerfully up-skill themselves in their soft-skills. ELAN offers a wide variety of corporate training courses like Soft-skills training, Communicate for Success, Business Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, Presentation Skills, Email Writing, and many more. Our interventions are both in-house and conducted on company premises.

Personality Development

A powerful personality is adept with the skills that make him/her stand-out from the crowd. Their influencing ability along with their empathy make them powerful beings. Their leadership sees no bounds and they move the masses out of their seats. Here, you add spice to your presentation, work on behavioral communication, and practice from modules taught at MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard University. ELAN’s Powerful Personality program has been testified by leaders, entrepreneurs and CXOs. Why wait? Join the masters now!


ELAN’s IELTS exam preparations course is a highly coveted and in-demand course around the world. With both online and offline preparation options available, you can prepare for the academic and general training modules at the learning center as well as on conferencing portals. The course offers everything you need to know about the IELTS test and focuses on the specific parts of each test. Not sure how to go-ahead with the preps? No problem – just send us a message and get a free counseling with the master trainers.

English for Leaders

Welcome to ELAN’s premier fast-paced program of learning and communicating in English fluently. The course has a custom designed and beautifully crafted intervention design and is perfectly suited for CXO’s, Business Owners, entrepreneurs and Leaders of Organizations. The readymade course-ware, online support and one-on-one trainer interface has already shaped lives of the leaders of the millennial. Are you a business leader and you want to up-skill yourself you but have no time for yourself? No problem – bring ELAN to your home!

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Our students love us! We love them more!

Extremely passionate trainers who are dedicated towards the success of their students. They ensure that their students get the personalized help they need to achieve their goals
Shalini Singh
ICT Mentor, The Ardee School, Delhi
A unique combination of dedicated, talented and passionate teachers. Shiwangi & Manish both have strong subject knowledge and have the drive to take their students towards success.
Ekta Malhotra
Author and Data Science Expert
They put a lot of effort into it and are very focused for their students. I would love to recommend Elan International to everyone
Kush Sharma
Senior Category Manager, Baby Care MNC

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