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Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives – Parts of Speech 1

Watch this video of Parts of Speech and solve the exercise below.

Identify Nouns, Pronouns and Adjectives.

  1. I love my country.
    I – (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    my – (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    country – (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  2. They have a beautiful house.
    They – (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    beautiful – (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    house- (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  3. This food is not edible.
    This -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    food-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    edible-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  4. He sends meaningless messages.
    He-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    meaningless-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    messages-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  5. My niece is an adorable child.
    My-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    niece -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    adorable-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    child-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  6. The green dress is not available.
    Green-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    dress-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    available-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  7. Giant monsters are in the town.
    Giant-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    monsters-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    town-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  8. That movie was disgusting.
    That-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    movie-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    disgusting -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  9. Sam has a cool brother.
    Sam -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    cool-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    brother-(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
  10. Linda prefers wooden doors.
    Linda -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    wooden -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
    doors -(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective)
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