Parts of Speech – Verb, Adverb, Conjuction, Interjection


I am Shiwangi – your trainer from ELAN.

Welcome back to our second video of grammar series. I hope you watched the previous video of parts of speech. So today, I will continue the story.

Now we know the three brothers Noun, Pronoun and Adjective.


The fourth brother is very hardworking. He is always in action. Can you guess the brother’s name? Yes, he is very well known as a verb.

A verb shows what someone or something is doing. He “goes”, “speaks”, “runs”, “eats”, “plays” and sometimes “disturbs”.

For example:

  • I like the English language. I speak and practice it every day.

“Like”, “speak” and “practice” are verbs


The fifth brother is a genius. He’s well known as an adverb. He talks about the quality of his brother’s verbs, adjective and himself. He makes sure ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘how often’ or ‘to what extent’ his brothers do the actions.

For Example:

  • I speak fluently.

So “Fluently” describes how I speak.

  • I am usually busy.

“Usually” describes how often I am busy.

  • I finish my work quickly.

“Quickly” describes how do I finish my work.

  • I will go there.

“There” describes where I will go.

Adverbs can be: slowly, quietly, very, always, never, too, well, tomorrow, here et cetera.


The sixth brother is a preposition. He has a different job to do. He cares about all the relations and locates all his brothers.

For example, let’s Bring our friend Sam back.

  • Sam sleeps on the floor at night.
  • He will meet him at a cafe near the supermarket.

ON, AT, NEAR, are Prepositions.

Prepositions can be: at, on, in, from, with, near, between, about, under et cetera.


The seventh brother is my favorite. He joins all the brothers together and shows how they are connected

For example, I want to say…

  • She is late.
  • She is tired.
  • She is still working.

I can say.

  • She is late and tired but she is still working.

See, 3 sentences in one single sentence!

“AND” and “BUT” joined all of them.

Conjunctions can be: and, or, but, because, so, yet, unless, since, if et cetera.


Last but not least. The eighth brother is known as an interjection. He expresses a strong feeling or emotion

For example:

  • Wow! You look beautiful.
  • Great!
  • Ouch! It hurts.

Interjections can be: Ouch! Wow! Great! Help! Oh! Hey! Hi!

Sometimes he doesn’t make sense or have any meaning. They are used for expressions.

Now revision time!

See this sentence and try to identify which part of speech is it.

Wow! Today is a fantastic day.

“Wow!” is an interjection.

“Today” is an adverb.

“is” is a verb.

“fantastic” is an adjective.

“day” is a noun.


Hey! Are you at home or office?

“Hey!” is an interjection.

“are” is a verb.

“you” is a pronoun.

“at” is a preposition.

“home” is a noun.

“or” is a conjunction.

“office” is a noun again.

I hope you enjoyed the story and now you know all the eight brothers.

There is a link below why don’t you do the exercise and it is very important to share the video with people who face challenges in language and let’s break the language barriers together

Identify Nouns, Pronouns, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunctions and Interjection

  1. Hello, My name is John
    – Hello (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – My (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – Name (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – Is (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – John (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  2. I like to study and play.
    – I (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – like (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – to (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – study (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – and (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – play. (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  3. Today I am happy and excited about the test.
    – Today (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – I (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – am (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – happy (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – and (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – excited (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – about (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions)
    – the (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – test. (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  4. My teacher scolds me because I never practice English.
    – My (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – teacher (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – scolds (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – me (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – because (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – I (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – never (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – practice (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – English. (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  5. Ross is Rachel’s husband and they have a baby.
    – Ross (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – is (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – Rachel’s (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – husband (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – and (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – they (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – have (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – baby. (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  6. Monica has a strong memory as she never forgets anyone’s birthday.
    – Monica (Noun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – Has(Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – strong (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – memory (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – as (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – she (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – never (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – forgets (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – anyone’s ( Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – birthday. (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  7. Manish sir trains in English and he is the best trainer.
    – Manish (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – sir (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – trains (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – English (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – and (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – he (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – is (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – best (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – trainer. (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  8. I am still confused about my career.
    – I (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – am (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – still (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – confused (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – about (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – my (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – career. (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  9. Jon snow was my favourite character in Game of Thrones.
    – Jon Snow (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – was (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – my (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – favourite (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – character (Noun/ Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – in (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – Game of Thrones (Noun/Pronoun/Adjective/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
  10. People are unsatisfied with season 8 of Game of Thrones.
    – People (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    _ are (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – unsatisfied (Noun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – with (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – season 8 (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – of (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Verb/Adverb/Preposition/Conjunctions/Interjection)
    – Game of Thrones. (Noun/ Pronoun/Adjective/Adverb/Preposition//Interjection)

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