ELAN's Speaking Course

Participate in exhaustive speaking session hosted by expert trainers.

Created by - Manish Pandey and Shiwangi Panwar

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This course includes:

  • Complete Online Interface
  • 2 Months LIVE Classes (8 Weeks)
  • Extensive activity based assignments
  • Downloadable exercises
  • 50 hours of LIVE Speaking Practice Class
  • Full lifetime access to LIVE lectures
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

What you'll learn:

  • Have a deep knowledge of communicating at workplace and social gatherings
  • Increase your understanding of intermediate to advanced level reading and speaking
  • Improve your speaking to have more fluent conversations and with confidence
  • Expand your vocabulary range
  • Be well prepared for your English exams
  • Get answers to all your English grammar questions from someone who ACTUALLY teaches the language.

Course Description:

  • Do you feel you do not have an environment at home or office to speak in English?
  • Do you think that having communication in English everyday will make you a powerful speaker?
  • Are you a person who has lost touch with English speaking for a long time?
  • Are you bullied by your friends when you try to communicate in English with them?
  • Do you want to become a powerful speaker?

INR 6500/-

(Initial Price - 12,500/- | 50% Off)

There is no time as the "right time".

It's either now or never!

2 Months LIVE Classes

50 hours of LIVE Speaking Practice Class

Full lifetime access to LIVE lectures

Certificate of completion

ELANs Speaking course offers a learner an environment where he/she can participate and speak to the best of their capacity. As per statistics, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate users of a language must participate and learn in groups with discussions on topics that they relate to in the real world. This course is unique of its kind and the difficulties of conducting such exhaustive speaking session are only in the hands of expert facilitators.

Join this course for a month or for a year, here you will only focus on improving your fluency, pronunciation and speech style. More than this, you also become a part of the community that is growing every day to create ripples in the way education is being imparted in the country. You have to feel it once!

Some classroom speaking activities:

Just a Minute - JAM - This is a very powerful activity for language learners, and it helps you to improve your fluency, accuracy in speech and time management skills. This activity will help you during job interviews as you (job seekers) learn the ways of presenting and giving information exactly in a brief or concise manner. The trainers keep increasing the difficulty levels so that you can realise and reach the top most levels of your speaking potential.

Celebrity Interview - This is one of ELAN's most energetic, humorous and fun-filled english speaking activity. You will be a celebrity of your choice and your colleagues will enact the juicy journalists. The twist is you will be the one who'll share the story of your favourite celebrity, so the choice of script is yours and the dialogue delivery will be yours. You gain impromptu speaking ability, accuracy in speech, fluency, and develop storytelling skills.

Control the actor within - In this activity, you have to watch a mute blockbuster movie scene and deliver the dialogues of the character by mimicing the emotions of the character. The dialogues are yours and your only objective is to make your colleagues laugh by showing your sense of humour. This fun english speaking activity helps you to gain creative speaking skills, abstract speaking skills, and removes monotonous speech patterns.

Recording AV - A continous and everyday task of all our students is to record audios by mimicing the native speakers from the audio transripts of special BBC lectures and info-content provided by us. This activity ensures that you develop a presence of mind to speak on any occassion by being confident and gain extensive clarity and feed your brains with surplus content on real world conversational topics.

What you will achieve:


You will be able to express yourself without hesitation and any fumbling in front of larger audiences.


You will become accurate in your speech and make lively conversations with people around you.


You will be able to clearly and consistently articulate your ideas. You will also learn the essential linking phrases and words to deliver a smooth speech.


You will be using features equivalent to a neutral English speaker and see a drastic improvement in your pronunciation features. 


You will add a range of words and phrases in your speech to speak up and gel well in any social or formal setting.

Course methodology:

  1. Identify your level – Beginner, Elementary, Pre or Upper Intermediate 
  2. Prepare a speaking activity before the Live class
  3. Participate in 2 hour LIVE Classes on alternate days for Group and One-on-one discussions
  4. Review your growth every 7/14/30 days



  1. GD 1 - Know about each other

2 GD 2 - Picture Descriptions

3 GD 3 - Celebrity Interviews

4 GD 4 - Country Cultures Presentations

5 GD 5 - Video Recording Part 1 - Feedback Mechanism

6 GD 6 - Video Recording Part 2 - Feedback Mechanism

7 Extempore 1 - Half A Minute

8 Extempore 2 - Just a Minute

9 Extempore 3 - Mind your language - Formal and Informal

10 GD 7 - India Vs the World (Debate)

11 Story-telling 1 - Where there is a will,

there is a way!

12 Storytelling 2 - Life is what you make it!

13 Storytelling 3 - Connecting the dots of life

14 Dialogue delivery 1-English films

15 Dialogue delivery 2 –Korean films

16 Selling a Product

17 GD 9 - Gather Investment - The Shark Tank

18 GD 10 - The NEWS room - Be an anchor

19 GD 11 - Create a business

19 Extempore 4

20 Public Speaking -1

21 GD 12 - Selling your skills

22 Group Dialogue delivery - Roleplay of a movie scene

23 Official presentation

24 Final session - The Public Jury

Extra Benefits:       

  • Pre-work will be assigned to you before the session
  • Practice listening and reading skills
  • Access to LIVE Session recording for a lifetime        
  • Get instant feedback on your progress
  • Access your course anytime, from anywhere.
  • Only work to hone your speaking skills like fluency, accuracy, coherency, pronunciation and vocabulary

Extra Modules covered:

  • Business Writing – Emails and Business Proposals
  • Interview Preparation (Personal Interviews) – Work from home preparatory interview sessions

Before clicking on the Pay Now option, we recommend you to take the Learn at ELAN – English Assessment first.

Learn At ELAN – Assessment Test

Format of Test:

  • There are 100 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 1 hour’s time.
  • Submit your Name and Email ID
  • Select the right answer as per your understanding. 
  • Try to attempt all questions.
  • Do not leave the test mid-way. (This test is only for serious candidates)

Many of our trainees come from listed organisations and top MNCs

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