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IELTS Vocabulary – What are collocations?

In this IELTS Writing vocabulary specific article, we will introduce you to detailed explanations, suggestions and examples to practice and help you develop your vocabulary with collocations.

If you follow the official rubric of IELTS, you will observe that you get an 8 Band in Lexical Resource if you embed collocations in your Writing Task 1 and 2. And that becomes a reason for us to push you to practice using collocations in your speech. 

Let’s Begin.

What is a collocation?
collocation is a group of two or more words that occur together in popular usage .i.e a group of words in a sentence that are used by speakers of English around the world.

To make your English language sound more natural and fluent, you should be using Collocations. This will not only develop your skills of speaking and writing but will also fetch help you get 7 and above bands in IELTS Speaking and Writing.

What is the best way to learn Collocations?

The best way is to learn Collocations is to use them in contextual and in a natural way.

Below, you will find the best IELTS Vocabulary resource with an explanation of collocations.

Examples of Collocations for enhanced IELTS related Vocabulary:

  • noun + noun: have a round of talks, a circle of talks
  • adverb + adjective: was bitterly disappointed, am not sourly disappointed
  • verb + noun: to raise a family, wasn’t able to make a family

You should now make note of the collocations that you can use in your IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 as well as in your IELTS Speaking

We will be covering only four themes in this article. They are Art & Culture, Entertainment, Sports and Performance.

Now take a pause and smile a bit before proceeding ahead.

1.left a legacy had a blast/had a whale of a time
2. is a source of inspiration the event is in full swing
3.a country with historic landmarks is the life and soul parties
4.took pride in his cultural heritage a film that attracts media attention
5.there is a stark contrast between had an unquenchable thirst for adventure
6.don’t blur the boundaries is having an insatiable desire/appetite
7. lay the foundations of gives an adrenalin rush
1.did a training session is still in the limelight/under the spotlight
2.hold/set/break the states’ record to have an imposing stage presence
3. wasn’t able to cross the finishing line Used to suffer from stage fright gasping for breath has a dress rehearsal
5. sustained an injury during the match received a round of applause
6.took performance-enhancing drugs brought the house down comes as a surprise is booed off the stage was a crowning achievement meets with critical acclaim

Let’s make some sentences from the collocation phrases or vocabulary words we learnt above.

  1. Priyanka Chopra was in the limelight everywhere she went.
  2. Pablo Escobar was a prima donna who could bring the house down.
  3. Manish Pandey was a thrill-seeker who got an adrenalin rush from adventure.
  4. Salman Khan was so shy he often experienced stage fright.
  5. Ayush Shrivastava had an imposing stage presence.
  6. Despite his antics, Manish Paul was never booed off the stage.
  7. Anurag Kashyap’s movies met with great critical acclaim.
  8. Geeta Chhabras’  doping scandal came as no surprise given her male-like body.
  9. Saurav Ganguli’s career took a downturn after he sustained a knee injury in 1999.
  10. Monika Panwar had an insatiable appetite for the good life.

Let’s look at some more examples and you should then try to frame sample sentences by using the vocabulary words/ phrases below.

  1. Issac Newton was hailed as the greatest scientist of all times.
  2. Indians are indebted to Nehru for his contribution to the modernization of their country.
  3. It is a leader’s duty to straighten out problems between team members.
  4. It is a matter of courage to parachute off a plane.
  5. During the break, employees idle away in groups in the front yard.
  6. Managers should inculcate new recruits with discipline.
  7. Every citizen of India has a right to vote regardless of ethnicity or creed.
  8. Celebrities’ private lives are always under scrutiny because the public wants to know the kind of people they are.
  9. Every artists or musician should complain when the government cuts back on funding for them.  
  10. Some people say Pakistan will soon have the best cars on the market, but based on what I know about cars I wouldn’t bet on it.
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