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Welcome to ELAN’s coveted Group Discussion Course. This course will help you understand all the nuances and important concepts of group discussion.

Course Description

GD is a very important tool for anyone wishing to join a new institution or organization. It is a tool used by hiring managers to check upon a prospective candidates' communication skills which include your abilities of assertion, persuasion, negotiation, conflict management and team leadership. It is done in short groups of 5 to 10 primarily.

Three prerequisites for group discussion:

  1. You must have intensive knowledge about the latest events happening in the globe
  2. You must be articulate about your opinions, thoughts, judgments on themes of politics, sports, industry, technology, art, medicine, commerce, etc
  3. You must logically analyze and talk in depth about issues pertaining to social life

Advantages of Group discussion:

  1. Show the charm of your personality
  2. Help interviewers evaluate your skills
  3. Learn the art of communicating in groups and teams
  4. Leadership skills
  5. General Knowledge
  6. Learn the ways of handling groups/teams
  7. Get better in negotiating for idea approval and pitches
  8. Improve fluency and coherence in speech


Intermediate proficiency in English

Passion and enthusiasm to learn and apply new skills


objective of this course is to give you a fresh perspective into group discussion and help you revisit all the features of communication skills. This course is for those who are a part of regular office discussions and meetings. Also, for those who want to enhance the group discussion, argumentation and discourse.

Benefits of the course:

  • High Quality Content
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Learn powerful skills of reasoning, speech structure, paraphrasing, feedback sharing, social engagement, recalling.


  1. Duration – 1 month (16 hours)
  2. Days  – TBD
  3. Time – 2 hours per session
  4. Course fee – 6500/- only
  5. Start date – After completion of registration. (Tentative Feb-March)

PS – Days can be weekdays or weekends depending on the availability of majority of participants.

To register:

Please fill this form to enter your details and we will get back to you to take a verbal confirmation.


All the days will witness 30 minutes of lecture and 1.5 hours of continuous group discussion activities.

Section 1: Introduction to Group Discussion

1                   Definition of group discussion

2                   Importance of group discussion

3                   Activity and Discourse

Section 2: Skills & Guidelines for Group Discussion

4                   Skills of group discussion

5                   Continuation of Skills of group discussion

6                   Guidelines for group discussion

Section 3: Tips for successful Group Discussion

7                   Team player of group discussion

8                   Successful Group Discussion

9                   Awareness in group discussion

Section 4: Do’s & Don’t’s of Group Discussion

10                 Equal Opportunities in group discussion

11                  Do’s of group discussion

12                  Dont’s of group discussion

Many of our trainees come from listed organisations and top MNCs

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