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Created by - Manish Pandey and Shiwangi Panwar

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This course includes:

  • Complete Online Interface
  • 2 Months (24*7) access to the course
  • Video Lectures
  • Downloadable exercises
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Email and Chat support
  • Interaction with Experts for doubts
  • Access to ELAN Webinars
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Easy accessibility

What your child will learn and achieve:

  • Confidence to express yourself in English
  • Collaboration and critical thinking ability
  • New words and phrases to share opinions, solve problems and provide solutions
  • Public Speaking skills
  • English recitation and correct pronunciation
  • Debating and Presentation Skills
  • Accurate sentence building and vocabulary for fluency
  • Social speaking skills for Vlogging
  • Complex spoken and writing tasks
  • Love for reading

Course Description:

  • Does your child feel unsure of the sentences to use?
  • Do you feel that your child is less accurate in your speech?
  • Does your child shy away from strangers because of low grammatical range?
  • Are you not able to provide an environment of English at home?
  • Do you wish to see your child confident, assertive and intelligent as a communicator?

INR 6500/-

(Initial Price - 12,500/- | 50% Off)

There is no time as the "right time".

It's either now or never!

2 Months LIVE Classes

50 hours of LIVE Speaking Practice Class

Full lifetime access to LIVE lectures

Certificate of completion

If you answered to any of the questions above with a YES, then you are at the right place. This course is for your children who are already using English in everyday communication or at school, but are under-confident and unsure when they speak in English. This course is accessed on our multi-media online learning portal and is for 2 month's duration. We, as tutors, undertake strong actions during these 2 months to sparkle your child's imagination so that they become and feel powerful when speaking and expressing in English.

Once they start using English effectively, they grow confident and start using it as a primary source of communication.

In this course, we have included a lot of videos, songs and quizzes to make a well-rounded and holistic impact in your child's online learning experience. Before every session, the kids are assigned a task in our (trainers') guidance and they focus on presenting, discussing or interacting with other students during the live online class. This allows them to become more communicative, opens them up and allows them to freely communicate. From our experience, we have also seen many kids becoming more reciprocative and transition from being an introvert to being an extrovert. This in itself is a struggle for many parents.

To access the course, you just need a mobile device and internet connection that is 3G and above.

What skills will be worked upon:

Life Skill :

  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Imagination
  • critical thinking
  • Reflection
  • Social integration
  • Leadership
  • Introspection

Language Skills:

  • Accurate sentence building
  • Speaking and writing complex sentences
  • Extended speech in-front of a large audience
  • Debating and Presentation Skills
  • Vocabulary for fluency
  • Social speaking skills
  • Effective Conversations

Lateral Skills:

  • Independent Reading
  • Forming Opinion

Course methodology:

  1. We will identify your kids learning capacity for our online program
  2. The orientation will lead to assignment of home-task without parents involvement
  3. Live classes will focus on discussion, presentation, and public speaking
  4. Continuous feedback and reviews to enhance retention

Extra Benefits:             

  • Practice listening and reading skills
  • Access to LIVE Session recording for a lifetime        
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace 
  • Get instant feedback on your progress
  • Access your course anytime, from anywhere.

ELAN's faculty ensure that the classrooms are a safe place for your children. We make all our students feel the warmth of our love and participate in the course creatively. We are trusted by parents not only for our expertise in teaching English but for our high levels of child protection and safeguarding. We take this as seriously as you do.

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