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Manish Pandey

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July 5, Sunday @ 4pm IST

July 12, Sunday @ 4pm IST

July 19, Sunday @ 4pm IST

July 26, Sunday @ 4pm IST

Sep 27, Sunday @ 10am IST

Join ELAN experts to learn about ELAN's training, support, methodology.

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What our students say about the course

Why we are loved

▶ Expertise – We are a team made up of knowledgeable and skilled experts and we are always eager and ready to assist. Known for our exceptional levels of guidance, whenever candidates require advice or encouragement, we are by their side.

▶ Relevance - Provision of practical training using real life scenarios let us create exceptional communication skills in our students. We plant seeds of empathy and impact in our students’ lives to give them a fresh perspective when it comes to achieving maximum results.

▶ Flexibility – We are an open entry/exit institution. Our students begin training when they are ready, accumulate in-depth information about the course structure and curriculum and are ready to commit themselves to self-transformation.

▶ Result Driven – Our objective, from the day a student joins us, is to help him achieve what h/she has committed to achieve. With this approach, we build in capabilities in our students to multiply their competencies and become skillful in 32 hours of rigorous in-class training.

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