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Understand and manage your strengths

LIFO® (Life Orientations®) is a practical application of behavioral science that promotes individual and group productivity. LIFO® provides pragmatic ways to achieve high performance by encouraging you to make the most of the strengths you already possess, and to appreciate and work with the strengths of others.


LIFO ® Training focuses on strengths: on what’s right about leaders, teams and individuals. It begins by identifying one’s basic orientation to life and work as illustrated below. Based on this information, it offers powerful step-by-step strategies. These strategies lead to effective and lasting high performance for individuals and teams where people are accepted as they are without a sense of fear or negativity.


The LIFO® Method is a means for understanding and working well with people. It helps us discover our strengths and how much we use each of the four basic behavioral styles using on-line surveys and support materials.


Who Uses It?​

The LIFO® Surveys and Method examines our behaviors under both normal circumstances and under stress or conflict and can be used to improve personal and team performance of leaders and managers in the area of :




Time Management




Contribution to group and team


Negotation and sales


Learning Capacity


Coaching skills


Change Management

Stress management

Stress Management


Conflict Management


Career Development

Case studies

Productivity Improvement

Company Name

Mattel, Inc.


2 manufacturing plants

Theme: Diagnosing problems and identifying possible solutions using LIFO®


This plastic toy anufacturing company experiencing rapid sales growth, and management operated in an informal, personal, hands-on-manner. This management style was successful until the company expanded from a one plant operation to a two plant operation. Lacking systems which permitted logical, formal interaction between the two operations – which was directly impacting the company’s productivity level – management soon realized the need to intervene and identify solutions to their problems.

Program Outline:

Step 0:

Isolate critical problems and identify behaviors necessary for success between the two plants,
and design a structured training program.

Step 1:

Key members of the management group participated in the training, in which they diagnosed problems
and identied possible solutions using the LIFO® model in order to apply specic strategies and
action plans where productivity improvement was desirable.

Step 2:

Implementation of the strategies and action plans.


1. Manufacturing efciency increased from 65% of standard to 95% of standard.

2. Absenteeism decreased from 30 people out of 150 being absent on a daily basis, to 5 out of 150.

3. A formal planning system had been designed for production planning – now the packaging division knew what
they would be packing out for the next six months rather than day to day.

4. Employees could handle more work with less people, and get many other improvements.

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