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ELAN International is a company that attracts and retains professionals who stand by their words. We invest heavily on your up-skilling so that your classroom delivery is always at its prime. Our vision to empower every generation includes our staff too and so we aim to create a Learning & Development environment where you not only experience self-growth but you also become a part of the journey where you will be transforming and shaping lives.

Training Opportunities

We are looking for trainers who train from their heart. Your confidence, cheerful attitude and command on the art of articulation, with an excellent command on English grammar, make you a perfect fit here. The ELAN training program will give you the tools and techniques to handle your ESL/IELTS/Soft-skills classroom and the transformational training will enable you to use these tools that make your classroom exciting and fun.

Your ability to work with like-minded people, sense of gratitude and empathy will help you to run along and be a part of our dynamically growing ELAN Cohort.  We work fast, we deliver quickly and we ensure that every student of ours feel accomplished and transformed once they graduate from the course.

Education Consultant – Sales

You will be consulting and counselling students and potential students from a wide-variety of backgrounds. Your sense to add value to their lives by being a mentor, friend and guide will help you ace the job. You should have a graduation degree, must be well-conversant in English and proficient with MS – Excel, PPT and Word.

You will have to meet the institutional targets and multiple deadlines. Though the previous sentence creates fear in many minds, you must remember that you are being part of a team that works together to help you grow. We ensure that your success comes first and we know that the organization’s success will follow once you become an expert.

The job is demanding but fun at the same time. A happy and transparent working environment and transformational training programs are some features that make you feel delighted and excited every new day.

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