Coherence and Cohesion

How to use transition words in IELTS

How to use transition words to get higher band scores in Coherence and Cohesion in IELTS Writing?

Coherence and Cohesion is one of the parameters in which your IELTS examiner will be grading you. This is predominantly a new area of focus in academic writing and became a part of composition understanding post the 1950s.

In your essay writing, it is important that your paragraphs are highly coherent and cohesive. In simpler words, you need to have consistency (coherence) in your sentences, ideas and paragraphs and you need to tie/stick (cohesion) your sentences together.

To do so, you may use a range of transition words and so in this lesson, I will share with you a list of Common Transition Words, and, with the help of sample sentences, I will show you how can you use them in your own writing.

Common Transition Words or Phrases

To show Agreement / Addition / Similarity:

  1. in the first place – In the first place, the common men should take charge and cover for their own expenses upon retirement.
  2. moreover – Moreover, the actions of individuals are not monitored by the government.
  3. not only … but also – Not only is Shiwangi ma’am a great teacher, but she is also a great motivator.
  4. as well as – The government, as well as the NGOs, are working together to fight OCVID-19.
  5. as a matter of fact – The role of employers, as a matter of fact, is to help the employee learn the ways to work in a team with proper training and mentoring.
  6. of course – The matter at hand is, of course, important to the scientists and the botanists.
  7. in addition – In addition to the new policies, the company came up with a road-map to pave the way for multifold-growth by 2025.
  8. likewise – I firmly believe that parents are responsible when it comes to inculcating moral values in their children. Likewise, the school teachers are responsible to impart lessons to build a strong character in the growing children.
  9. coupled with – First, through the union agreement, they managed to get a drastic salary increase coupled with a significant reduction in working hours.
  10. equally – Therefore, it is equally important that the central agencies work hand-in-hand with the local police force to impose curfew restrictions.
  11. comparatively – My blog on ‘Coherence and Cohesion’ isn’t the newest one but it is comparatively easier to understand than the other blogs.
  12. identically – The chances that the new government will ensure the safety and security of the people identically like the previous one is very slim.
  13. correspondingly – The new IELTS Computer-based test is easier and correspondingly better than the pen and paper test.
  14. uniquely – The affirmations that the new host will uniquely conduct the rounds of the game now stand true.
  15. similarly -Similarly, the battalion had to set up their display of mortars, anti-tank missiles and the recce vehicles.
  16. in the light of – In the light of the recent changes introduced to the new test, we, hereby, demand the next few dates of the examinations be postponed.
  17. furthermore – The official website of IELTS, furthermore, states that if you are caught cheating in the exam, you will be banned from taking the test anywhere in the country.
  18. not to mention – For the sake of the safety of human beings, and not to mention the health of the elderly population, it is important that we find a cure of this infectious disease as soon as possible.
  19. additionally – Additionally, the politicians that are under surveillance can be given permission to move out of the country, but they will have to report to the embassy every week.
  20. equally important – As mentioned earlier, it is equally important for us to keep a close eye on our children and help them differentiate the right from the wrong.

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