Why is ELAN the best Spoken English, best Personality development or best IELTS institute in Gurgaon?

ELAN International - Best English Classes in Gurgaon

We must confess that the time this subject (about what to share for us being the best spoken English, personality or IELTS institute) came to our minds, we thought of bringing lots of attractive pointers about the course, the training curriculum, our methodology etc. However, we stopped a bit and thought of sharing how exactly we (Team ELAN) feel about it. And, to answer why is Elan the best in its English, Personality Development or IELTS Classes, we prefer to share what makes us great just not better.

1. Our Vision

Vision - Educating and Empowring all generations. - Elan International
Vision – Educating and Empowering all generations.

With the sole aim of Educating and empowering all generations, we created ELAN to be an institution that offers help, assistance and service to all our students. Having worked with students from the age of 10 to the age of 70, in our experience, we have only helped our students realise that they have the potential. We have helped them unearth the power that lies within them and thus we created diversity in our course. While teaching IELTS also(supposedly a theoretical exam), we ensure that we give our students the fundamental psychological tips of looking into the world with curiosity. Our solemn desire to help our students become an expert user of English, makes us deliver every module with a passion to bring a change in their lives. This might sound broad but when you see it happening up-close, your decision to invest in your up upskilling will see a delighted momentum.

2. Our Style

We execute. We succeed.
We execute. We succeed!

We bring in lots of real-world stories, exercises and case studies into classroom discussion. With the majority of our students being working professionals, we help them connect the language with their real-world conversations. This not only benefits their thinking buds but also creates a fusion which, as the end result, culminates into a better speech style and command over the language. For instance, in the previous session, Shiwangi ma’am discussed “transformation”. Knowing that the corporate companies and MNCs require you to transform your perspective, virtue and way of thinking, this theme resonated so much with the adult learners that everyone was able to share the smallest transformation they have seen in their family, relationship, career, and professional aspirations. Wow! What a way to let the language learners learn the world of business!

3. Our Transformation Stories

We created ELAN to really see our pupils speaking and articulating speech in perfect English. We gave them the stage of ELAN Symposium to speak out, narrate their narratives, and begin analysing – “what it takes to be a powerful speaker”. At the end of the day, every candidate(beginner, intermediate and advanced) realises that it’s just not grammar that stops them from being fluent, it is also their conviction in their content that makes them a fluent speaker. Have a look at some of our powerful transformed speakers.

4. Our Trainers

Our team is certified from Pearson, partners with the British Council and are transformed, leaders. We invest heavily on our own training and development. Because of which we deliver mind-boggling analogies, reflection pointers and practical solutions. Our solidarity in course content is secured by internal evaluation of students and heartfelt gratitude plus testimonials they share for us. We believe that every student is important for us and if they have come to us, whatever be there choice or cultural background, we will help them till the day they carry crystal clarity on the concepts taught.

5. Our Belief

ELAN Symposiums and Moving to Canada Sessions
ELAN Symposiums and Moving to Canada Sessions

Being a believer doesn’t cease to exist for any of us and so the belief that we will transform the society makes us the change-makers. Steve Jobs said, – “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”; and we really believe in this and in the man. Being the best spoken English institute in Gurgaon, we share empathy, we create desire and instil aspirations in our students. We have seen many who have joined us thinking they will learn English and that will be it. But when they graduated, it wasn’t just English. We saw speakers who could enthral the audience, move them from their chairs and contribute to society in any way they can. So here it goes, – “We instil in you the confidence to face anything and everything in life!”

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