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How do I get a Band 8 in IELTS writing test?

A band 8 in IELTS writing – Academic or General, can be accomplished if at the time of practice you have a critical mindset and are able to understand the nuances of technical writing. I would recommend you to follow the tips given below and you shall develop an acumen for writing sentences that offer meaning and context which majorly fetch an 8 band.
Make sure that during the preparation phase, you quickly start implementing complex sentences as quickly as possible.

Six valuable SENTENCES to ace IELTS Writing

The following tips for IELTS Writing Task will make your essay foolproof and more academic.

Follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Copy the sentences given below in your notebook and get familiar with the structure of the sentence.
  2. Analyse and after that compose an alternate variety of each sentence for these themes: Health, Technology, Education.
  3. Using your new sentences, write an essay on the topic mentioned below, and make sure that you utilize the sentences you have simply learnt.

Digital marketing is often seen as intrusive and invades privacy to a large extent. Others argue that it is a necessary and economical form of marketing in addition to spreading business ideas, promotion, and prospecting.

Six valuable SENTENCES to get a Band 8 in IELTS Writing

1.” This essay will break down this issue using the cases from… ”

You should supply the examples as per your topic. For example:

“This essay will explore this issue using the cases from wartime nations and struggle zones to validate points …”


“This essay will investigate this issue by using examples from New Zealand, India and Vietnam to validate points…”

2.) In infusing a restricting idea, rather than writing only “however“, you can use “However, it should not be forgotten (that)… “and include the contrast point.

3.) Mention examples from studies made, using the expression,

For instance, a current report by _________ appeared… ”

For example:

For instance, a current report by the FSSAI (or Government of India) showed…” and then write the details of the discoveries.

4.) Refer to another example of a research paper, utilizing another expression:

Take, for example, a current report by the _____ that gave clarity… ”

For example:

Take, for example, a current report by the United Nations that unmistakably reported…

5.) Rather than saying “There is proof that… “ you can state:

There is sufficient proof to recommend that… ”

For example:

There is sufficient proof to recommend that researchers will expeditiously find… 
There is sufficient proof to recommend that neighbourhood government will execute …

6.) Rather than generalizations, enumerate or give examples. To illustrate:

Supplant “Electronic devices have… ” with “Electronic devices, for example, the cell phone, the PC, and the laser printers have significantly enhanced staff productivity.

Supplant “Serious infections are a repeating matter… ” with “Serious sicknesses, for example, Intestinal sickness, AIDS and Dengue Fever involve a significant amount of expenses.”


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