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How you’ll learn English online with us at ELAN?

Step 1

Identify your level

Attempt a Pre-Test - Writing and Speaking, before starting your course and identify your level.

Note your weakness

Once you attempt the Pre-Test, we will help you understand the major gaps in your understanding of the language and affirm the areas of development to customize the course.

Set your expectation:

When you first login, you will share your areas of difficulties and challenges with our expert faculty. You’ll set your expectations and plan your learning journey.

Step 2

Watch the Pre-Videos

After our first interaction, we will assign you a set of videos to watch from our multimedia online learning portal. The lessons are taught by our expert faculty and help you increase your grammatical range, increase your accuracy and cover the gaps in your learning from school.

Complete the assignment:

With each video you see, there will be an assignment to complete. These are fun and a bit of brain-crackling exercises for you to become expert with the concepts.

Instant Feedback:

For each exercise that you’ll complete, you’ll receive  feedback from our expert faculty.  This helps you gain strength in the concept that you learnt.

Step 3

Learn and practise Speaking in a live class

Whether a beginner, intermediate or upper-intermediate level speaker, our online LIVE classes are the fastest way for you to gain fluency in English.

Group Classes

Here, you’ll practise conversational English with 5-6 students at your level in one of our friendly group classes. The classes are linked to the video lesson you just saw before the class. Here you only strengthen your command on the language with our fun trainers.

Step 4

Review your growth

At ELAN, we focus on excessive one-on-one review sessions and keep a track of your learning journey. You will be reviewing your feedback, your aspirations, your growth with our experts, so that you remain committed to the cause. The reviews are held at regular intervals of 7/15/30 days depending on the course you have taken.

Step 5

Achieve a Certificate

ELAN’s courses are aligned with the internationally-recognised standards set by the CEFR- Common European Framework of Reference.  Also, living in the global economic workplace, we recognise the need of you having a proof of your learning with you. Upon passing each individual level from Pre-intermediate to Advanced, you will be getting a certificate at each level which you can produce in front of your employers and target institutions. 

You can even add the certificate to your LinkedIn to attract employers to you.